Also known as hyper-flexibility, hypermobility can create multiple health problems and physical difficulties. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy can address the accompanying symptoms of hypermobility as well as the condition itself.

What Is Hypermobility?

Known as Benign Hypermobility Joint Syndrome, BHJS is a hereditary condition where joint ligaments can become loose in any parts of the body. When these loose connective tissues persist into adulthood, they can cause orthopedic issues which create life-long problems if not addressed with physical therapy. Symptoms:

  • mature couple doing fitness exercisesPoor balance – Balance disruption during joint use can occur due to experiencing an insecure sense of the joint position in space, also known as poor “proprioception.”
  • Back pain – Insecurity during movement can cause sufferers to become less active, sustaining muscle tension and back pain from remaining in static standing or sitting positions.
  • Joint looseness – Results in falls, sprains, dislocations and even spinal issues.
  • Joint pain – General pain as well as additional pain resulting from unnatural movements and injuries caused by instability issues, experienced in joints.

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy: Treatment for Hypermobility

Once other possible causes of joint looseness are ruled out, the goal of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy for BHJS is to work toward:

  • Increase joint stability – Increasing strength in key muscle areas can help tighten loose joints.
  • Reduce pain – Muscle and bone manipulation done gently on the massage table can relieve some pain and discomfort while properly stimulating joint nerves, which aids in healing.
  • Improve function – MAT can help create better coordination and balance by developing new control and awareness of joint function.
  • Prevent further injury – Ultimately, addressing symptoms and improving function leads to preventing additional injuries that could complicate or inhibit future physical activity.

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